Icelandic beer crowned Best Standard Lager in the world

International beer experts have voted Iceland’s Egils Gull as the Best Standard Lager Beer in the World at the World Beer Awards 2011.

Andri Thor Gudmundsson, president of the Egils brewery (in the news recently for a different reason), says there is no way of knowing what the recognition could mean for the Gull brand.

Judges from all over the world choose the winners of what is described as the most respected beer awards anywhere, in blind tasting sessions. The international judging panel tasted around a hundred beers from around the world and it was Gull (which means ‘Gold’) which won the gold, reported.

Beers in the World Beer Awards final first have to pass a regional stage; which means that by winning the world award, Gull could also be said to be the ‘best in Europe’ as well — making the victory still sweeter.

Gudmundsson says that Icelandic water and Icelandic barley are the secrets to Egils Gull’s success; as well as the subtle changes to the beer’s production in recent years. “The secret is naturally precision and care and that things are always done in the same way. And also lots of little details which I don’t want to give away,” Gudmundsson states.

Egils Gull is among the four most popular standard lagers for sale in most bars and every state alcohol shop in Iceland. The other main standard beers are Viking and Thule (made by Vifilfell) and Tuborg (which is brewed in Iceland by the Egils brewery, just like Gull).

Egils Gull has also been sold in Canada in small quantities; but the future could be much more ambitious for the brand following its success last week.

Egils Gull has taken four or five big awards in the past, Gudmundsson estimates — adding that the most recent one is the best. He jokes that he is worried there may come a day when there is no longer room on the bottle for the beer’s name to be seen through all the award badges.


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