Swedish tourist lost on Icelandic glacier found dead

The search for a Swedish tourist lost on an Icelandic glacier had a sad end this weekend when his body was found in a crevasse in the ice.

25 year-old Daniel Markus Hoij called for help at 22.20 on Wednesday, but was unreachable by telephone after the call ended. Rescuers found his body in a crevasse 600 metres up on Solheimajokull, a glacial tongue of the Myrdalsjokull glacier at 11.55 on Saturday.

A statement from the police in Hvolsvollur thanks the ICE-SAR rescue workers, Coastguard personnel and others who have worked around the clock hoping to find Daniel alive.

The weather conditions in the area have made the search very difficult.

A statement from ICE-SAR reads:

“Over 300 rescue workers took part in the search this morning, including around 80 on the glacier itself. The search over the previous days has been quite widespread and 500 ICE-SAR volunteers have taken part since it began on Wednesday evening. The conditions have often been rather difficult and challenging.”

ICE-SAR particularly wanted to thank local residents and businesses who did all they could to feed and accommodate the rescuers at all hours.

Local ICE-SAR head Jonas Gudmundsson told RUV Daniel probably died from the cold, as there were no signs of injury from falling into the crevasse. He had apparently been appropriately clothed for a short glacier walk, but his shoe spikes were said to have been inadequate for use on a glacier.

People are advised to never venture onto glaciers alone.