Tom Cruise to take summer job in Iceland

The Hollywood movie star Tom Cruise will, in all likelihood, spend several weeks in Iceland next summer as part of filming for a hundred-million-dollar blockbuster. It is expected that a 200-strong film crew from Universal will accompany him.

The desolate nature of some parts of the Icelandic Highlands will be featured in the film as the Earth of the future, after the planet has become uninhabitable and the remaining humans live in surreal cities in the clouds, hovering over the planet. The film will be based on the novel Oblivion, and will feature a soldier sent to the surface of the planet to seek out and destroy the hostile alien invaders. His mission suffers setbacks and he ends up stuck on the Earth, alone, reports.

Tom Cruise has already signed the contract to play the soldier who unexpectedly meets a beautiful woman on Earth and must decide if she is a real person or a hostile alien in disguise in need of killing. Three actresses have been strongly linked to the female lead role: Kate Beckinsale, Hayley Atwell and Diane Kruger.

Universal is the company producing the motion picture, expected to cost USD 100 million. It will be directed by Joseph Kosinski, whose most recent film was Tron Legacy. Kosinski visited Iceland this summer on his search for suitable filming locations. He was accompanied on his research trip by representatives of Icelandic production company True North, who are now organising the Iceland shoot.

It is expected that filming will take place early next summer, especially in the Highlands, and that Tom Cruise will spend at least a few weeks in Iceland, along with a 200-person crew.

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