Oslo murders continue

A man was stabbed to death in Oslo this weekend, marking the fifth murder in the Norwegian capital in a month.

The unnamed victim was killed while visiting an apartment in the Bislett, with another two men, including the suspected murderer, also suffering injuries.

“One man is dead following a stabbing. We are treating the case as murder,” Oslo Police operations manager Marianne Grinaker told NTB after the incident on Sunday night. According to The Foreigner, the alleged killer will be questioned by police in his current location at Ulleval Hospital.

Christine Sommerfelt Alm, a resident of the Pilestredet building where the attack took place, described the dramatic events to the media.

“We were awoken by a terrible noise in the night. At first, my live-in partner said it sounded as though someone was getting a beating. The noise gradually got worse and worse,” she said.

“Someone was hammering on the door of the main entrance, and a voice shouted something that sounded like ‘come back, if you dare’. I opened the door, and there was blood over the entire stairway. I just stood there looking at it before my partner pulled me into the apartment and closed the door,” she said.

The killing, which occurred on the same night that several sexual assaults and rapes were also reported, is the fifth in a month – an unusually high number for the Norwegian capital.

Talking about the latest murder, Officer Kjell Pedersen said, “Those involved are Norwegian men in their early 20s. The deceased has not been identified so we cannot release any further details about him. We believe we have an idea of who he is, but this hasn’t been confirmed.”

Another resident of the apartment block has since been questioned.