Do not enjoy art today!

Today it is ‘prohibited’ to enjoy any art in Iceland: it is the Alliance of Icelandic Artists’ ‘Artless Day’.

In celebration of the day artists in Reykjavik have shrouded the city’s statues in plastic so as to avoid anybody accidentally enjoying them.

The goal of Artless Day is to reinforce to people the central importance of art and culture in all our daily lives — even when we do not notice or fully appreciate it.

There are 15 rules to Artless Day and to stick to all of them will be almost prohibitively difficult — but the artists’ alliance hopes that people will have fun at least trying.

Below are the 15 rules which ban people, among other things, to listen to music, play graphic-based computer games and watch films, reports.

The rules are:

1. Do not go to art galleries, design galleries, boutiques or museums which house artworks.

2. Do not look at visual art, including paintings, photographs, sculptures or installations, whether indoors or out.

3. Do not go to concerts.

4. Do not listen to music, whether on CD, vinyl, cassette, digital music players or smartphones (including ringtones).

5. Do not play computer games with graphics.

6. Do not go to dance performances.

7. Do not read fiction, poetry or other texts which could be considered artistic literature.

8. Do not go to theatres.

9. Do not watch films in the cinema, on a computer, on television or any other sort of screen.

10. If any sort of artwork appears on television (i.e. on the news or in advertising) you should close your eyes or look away.

11. If music comes on the television or radio, one should turn down the volume forthwith.

12. Do not look at buildings which were designed by an architect.

13. Do not look at or walk through any gardens which were designed by a landscape architect.

14. Do not look at or wear specially designed clothes by a clothing designer.

15. Do not do anything or enjoy anything which could potentially be interpreted as art, or which has artistic value; including the work of dancers, designers, cinematographers, actors, visual artists, writers and musicians.

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