Icelandic police swoop on drugs smuggling suspects

A man in his forties has been arrested at Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport, accused of being the mastermind behind the year’s biggest drug smuggling case.

He is the second man to be arrested in the case which has been under investigation for many months and concerns the smuggling of large amounts of illegal drugs into Iceland.

At the beginning of this month Icelandic police intercepted a package entering Iceland on board a container ship from the Netherlands. In the package, sources claim, there were tens-of-kilogrammes of ecstasy, cocaine, amphetamines and steroids.

The package was addressed to a small wholesale company in Reykjavik and shortly afterwards police arrested one of its staff members and received court permission to hold him in custody on 11th October. Interestingly, the man arrested in Reykjavik is in his fifties, recently became a grandfather and has no previous police record — something investigators find rather unusual in this sort of case. But the investigation was not over at that point because the ringleader, who sent the drugs to Iceland, was still walking free.

Police attention quickly came to focus on Spain, and specifically onto a resident Icelander in his 40s who has previously been convicted for drugs smuggling. He is accused of planning the container ship drugs package from the Netherlands. When he flew to Iceland this weekend police were waiting and he was arrested as soon as the plane landed.

According to sources, the police investigation is very broad and has been supported by phone tapping, among other methods. It is by far the country’s biggest drugs case so far this year.