Group calls for Sharia Law in Copenhagen

A small band of fundamentalist Muslims is attempting to introduce Sharia Law zones in Copenhagen.

The ‘Call to Islam’ group wants to patrol the neighbourhoods of Tingbjerg and Norrebro, reprimanding Muslims who are found to be breaking the Islamic code by drinking alcohol, for example.

The same sector attempted and failed in a similar venture in the UK this year. Call to Islam, which follows Salafism, is led by Abu Ahmed, an imman who has taught Muslims connected to terrorist activities, according to the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

The plans have been denounced by Muslimernes Faellesrad, an organisation representing more than 40,000 Muslims.

“We should definitely take them seriously and enter into dialogue with them,” spokesperson Mustafa Gezen told Jyllands-Posten. “We should not ignore their extreme inclinations in our society. The problem is that many young people are susceptible to these beliefs. We need to start at the primary school level, to stress the importance of democracy,” he said.

Anna Mee Allerslev, Copenhagen’s deputy mayor for integration, said she has known of the group’s plans for some time.

“A while ago I asked our employees to head out and intensify their work to engage with them,” she told the newspaper. “But it’s important that we don’t talk it up too much because they are only a small group in Tingbjerg. But it’s important that we pay attention to the problem.”

According to the Copenhagen Post, there are around nine Salafist members patrolling Tingbjerg at present, and the Call to Islam sector has around 50 core members in the city. Several hundred additional supporters join the group at regular study meetings, however.

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