Iceland’s Westfjords experiencing sudden fish boom

The seas off the Westfjords region of Iceland have been teeming with an unusual number of fish in recent weeks and the town of Bolungarvik has not processed greater volumes of catch in over ten years.

Last month a total of 1,600 tonnes of fish were landed in the town of Bolungarvik and all indications point to an equally profitable month of October — even despite the prolonged periods of bad weather this month.

According to local captain Bjorn Elias Halldorsson, from the small fishing boat Siggi Bjartar ÍS 50, the fishing has been excellent lately.

The captain told RUV that it has often not been possible to go out this month because of seemingly endless north-easterly winds and big waves. Fishermen and women are only going out a short distance, he says; but adds that the fishing has been more than good enough near to shore. There are plenty of fish all over the place and it seems as though they have plenty to eat at the moment.

Icelandic fishermen adhere to a strict quota system which limits their overall catch to a pre-set weight allocation, no matter how good or bad the fishing appears to be at any given time.

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