Iceland’s Social Democrat conference ends with declaration of intent

Iceland’s ruling Social Democrats used part of their conference declaration to encourage the country’s financial institutions not to stop restructuring household debts even though the facility to write off debt appears to be fully utilised.

The party also decided that a large number of projects should be transferred from state level to local municipalities.

The Social Democrats’ national conference ended yesterday and one of the final acts the delegates took was to approve the party’s political declaration of intent. The document states that the main tasks for Icelandic politics today are to ensure employment, welfare and equality, RUV reported.

On the economic front, the document says that solutions to household and business debt problems are the most important issues and that financial companies should speed up the process of debt restructuring, even though the facility to write off debts completely is currently fully utilised.

The party also decided that the best way to improve the welfare system and general living standards will be to increase the level of local authority involvement in matters currently dealt with at a national level: issues in the areas of elderly care, healthcare, economic development, health and safety monitoring and transport, among others.

According to the Social Democrats, another of the most important stages of Iceland’s recovery will be its entry into the European Union — and to that end, the party’s document praises the proposed changes to the EU’s fishing and agriculture policies because they would make Iceland’s accession negotiations easier than under current regulation.

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