Two arrested after illegal firework deaths

Arrests have been made in Denmark after a man and a woman died in an explosion at a warehouse packed with illegal fireworks.

Two men, one aged 31 and the other 41, were arrested in the village of Vamstrup, Jutland, on Monday 10th October following the deaths of a 42 year-old man and a 45 year-old woman on the preceding Saturday.

They have been charged with illegally storing fireworks and jailed for four weeks, but they could face up to eight years behind bars if found responsible for the deaths. The Copenhagen Post reports that the 32 year-old has admitted partial guilt, while the other man is pleading not guilty.

Several stashes of fireworks have been uncovered by police in the Jutland area since the incident, including at the homes of the deceased. Hundreds of dangerous chrysanthemum bombs and powerful firecrackers make up the haul so far.

Speaking to the Ritzau news bureau, Karsten Kristensen from the North Jutland Police said the finds are probably only the tip of the iceberg. “I think that there are, unfortunately, much more illegal fireworks hidden around northern Jutland,” he said.

(The photo of fireworks was taken in Nuuk, Greenland and is not directly related to the story. It is used for illustration purposes only)