Reykjavik street lights come on late to save money

Darkness and rain greeted Reykjavik drivers this evening because of a city council money saving scheme.

One of Reykjavik’s economising measures is to turn street lights on later and to burn the bulbs at a lower brightness than before.

Sigurdur Helgason, a Directorate of Traffic specialist told RUV that the changes could impact travel safety.

A driver who spoke to a RUV reporter at around 18.00 said he clearly noticed that the street lights had not been illuminated. At the time it was getting dark and heavy rain made driving challenging.

The street lights in the city were turned on at 18.30; which is within the city’s safety limits for how dark it can be before streets are lit up. Sigurdur Helgason said, however, that the Directorate of Traffic has sent its concerns to the city council and had done so before the change was made — the directorate’s recommendation was not followed, however.