Utoya YouTube trailer causes outrage

Norwegian police are attempting to get a trailer for an American film about the July 22 Utoya massacre removed from YouTube after complaints from survivors and the families of victims. Officials have reportedly contacted the video sharing website, claiming that the promotional material for the picture based on the massacre of 69 people at the Labour Party (AUF ) youth camp is extremely upsetting to those involved.

According to News and View from Norway, YouTube has refused to remove the video, saying the material does not contravene its ethical guidelines. The clip shows a reconstruction of right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik dressed in a police uniform, going “berserk” on an hour-long shooting spree on the Norwegian island.

Speaking to news bureau NTB, Unni Grondal, of the Oslo Police, said members of the AUF are disgraced by the trailer. “We think they [YouTube] must consider removing the film clip,” he said. “This is based on reactions the police have received, that the contents are so offensive.”

The American producer, who is still working on the dramatisation, said he hopes his project will changed gun laws in the US. He also insisted that it is being made “in sympathy” with the victims.