Never more graduating students in Iceland

Never have more Master’s level students graduated in Iceland than last year, 2010.

According to Statistics Iceland, around 1,100 people ended their Master’s studies last year. A total of 4,085 people graduated university in the 2009-2010 year with 4,107 qualifications. Two of every three graduating students were female, reports.

Registered students at universities in Iceland increased by 651, or 19 percent, after a decrease the year before. The increase was most among students deciding to take a diploma grade qualification after their Bachelor’s. 33 new doctors graduated last year: 17 men and 16 women. There were five more doctors than the previous year and never more in any single school year.

A total of 5,795 students graduated from further education colleges in 2009-2010 with 6,515 qualifications — which is 110 more students than the year before. Once again, that is a record breaking year, with more students than ever taking their matriculation exams; but fewer opting for vocational training.

Many in Iceland went back to school following the economic crisis as a way to avoid taking unemployment benefits.