Dog escapes kennels, takes metro home

A capable canine, left at kennels in Stockholm for the day by its busy owner, escaped and rode the metro line home alone to Gullmarsplan, six stops away.

Four-year-old Eira, a black Labrador, took matters into her own paws and headed for home when she was handed over to the doggie day care facility in Hokarangen last week.

After dodging past handlers, the plucky pooch trotted a kilometre to the nearest metro station, ducked under the barrier and boarded a northbound train. She then stood patiently among the morning commuters for six stops before alighting at her home station.

Eira’s bid for freedom was however short lived, as she was picked up by station staff on her arrival. According to the Dagens Nyheter newspaper, the lovable lab succumbed without resistance.

“If she hadn’t been detained she would probably have been waiting for me by the door,” her owner, Caroline, told the newspaper. She also confirmed that despite her streetwise nature, Eira did catch her paw in the automatic train door and has since been laid up with an ice pack.

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