Icelandic PM wants public vote on new constitution

Johanna Sigurdardottir, Prime Minister of Iceland, says she wants the nation to have the opportunity to vote on Iceland’s proposed new constitution.

Sigurdardottir says people should vote on the proposed new constitution, which was drafted by a specially convened constitutional council, at the same time they vote in presidential elections next year. The results of the public vote would then be a major influence on the Althingi parliament, which has the final say.

Althingi was opened for its autumn term this Saturday. “The constitution bill will be one of the big issues of this winter’s parliament, which has a duty to take on the matter. I want the bill to go before the new Althingi Constitutional and Supervision Committee and for the committee to discuss it with the constitutional council and respected and trusted experts. Finally I want the bill to go to public consultation alongside the presidential election,” the Prime Minister said. Presidential elections are scheduled for 30th June 2012, reports.

On the subject of another proposed referendum, Sigurdardottir said that she does not believe MPs will cancel Iceland’s European Union application, thereby stealing the chance to vote on the final accession treaty from the public. She said it is in everybody’s interest to work towards the most favourable EU accession treaty possible.

(Photos: ACE // IceNews)