Icelander faces USA gun crime charges

“I hoped the case would be thrown out, but that didn’t happen. He now has to go in front of a jury on 2nd November. This means the uncertainty continues,” Says Hjordis Vilhjalmsdottir, the mother of 25 year-old Viktor Eyjolfsson, who was arrested on 9th September in St. Lous, Missouri, USA.

Viktor picked up a handgun in self defence after having been threatened with death, he says — but the man who threatened his life then reported him for armed robbery. Eyjolfsson was then arrested, handcuffed and put into a police car and held for two days in custody. At first, DV reports, bail was set at over USD 50,000 — but in the end it was decided just ten percent of that amount would suffice, in cash.

The punishment for armed crimes such as the one in question can be 10 to 30 years in prison in Missouri, as the crime is put in the same category as rape and murder. Eyjolfsson first went before a court on 23rd of September and his lawyer was confident the case would be thrown out. At the time, however, more evidence was required; which it is hoped will be available before 2nd November. It it believed that the case will either be charged (and a formal trial date set) or thrown out in November.

The Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not have a special fund intended to help Icelanders overseas caught up in criminal cases; so Eyjolfsson’s mother has set up a collection for her son; which has reportedly got off to a good start, but is still a long way short of covering all his costs. Any company or individual wishing to contribute is asked to email the mother, Hjordis Vilhjalmsdottir. The address can be found at the bottom of the article here.