Biker gang peace deal off in Denmark

Biker gangs the Hell’s Angels and the Bandidos have announced the end of an uneasy peace deal in Denmark which has lasted for the last 14 years.

The truce, which was agreed after the wars between the two factions in the 1990s, said that neither gang would threaten the other by setting up a chapter in the same town.

However, the Hell’s Angels have recently opened up in Esbjerg where there is now also a Bandidos community, resulting in a breaking of the treaty.

Deputy President of the Bandidos, Michael Rosenvold, confirmed that the agreement is now null and void. Rosenvold added that the deal effectively ended last year when a number of Bandidos crossed over to the Hell’s Angels, something which is also frowned upon in the biker world.

President of the Hell’s Angels, Jorne Jonke Nilesen, has also said that the accord is no longer in place. When asked how he felt about the Bandidos opening up in Esbjerg, he said he would not be making a comment. The police in Jutland said that they were keeping both gangs under close surveillance.

According to Deputy Chief Inspector Hans Roost, “The conflict between the two groups here in Esbjerg has led to the Bandidos wanting to open a fully-fledged chapter in order to match the Hell’s Angels. It is a clear indication from both sides in them setting up with badges and clubhouses in the city. We will have to see what it will actually mean,” he told Politiken.