Icelandic towns criticised for sewage treatment

Only five of Iceland’s ten biggest municipalities are living up to their responsibilities as far as sewage treatment is concerned.

The country’s Environment Agency has reminded all health committees at Iceland’s municipalities that it is their responsibility to push for improvements.

RUV reports that local municipalities which release sewage into the sea or lakes are required to makes sure that their efluent does not pollute the coastline. They are also required to treat their sewage before releasing it; but the level of treatment required is dependent on several different factors, as well as the amount of sewage being released.

According to health protection departments around the country, only Reykjavik, Mosfellsbaer, Kopavogur, Gardabaer and Hafnarfjordur are living up to their responsibilities — and it is worth noting that all are in the Greater Reykjavik urban area. The other five largest municipalities in Iceland: Reykjanesbaer, Arborg, Akureyri, Akranes and Fjardabyggd are not doing as much as they should be doing by law.

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