FinMin believes international markets are warming to Iceland

Iceland will soon have normal access to international financial markets once again, according to the country’s finance minister, who met with foreign banks, ratings agencies and funds in Washington DC this weekend.

Minister of Finance Steingrimur J. Sigfusson was joined in the American capital by the heads of Arion Bank, Landsbanki and Islandsbanki, in connection to the annual general meetings of the World Bank and the IMF which took place over the weekend.

Sigfusson attended the AGMs and also met with representatives of major global banks, the ratings agencies and hedge funds. The minister told RUV afterwards that the time for Iceland’s return to normal access to foreign finance is approaching.

“The time is approaching when we can start to hope that this interaction will get back to normal. People need information, people need to see the results that have been achieved, people need to understand that the danger was averted: that there is no longer any danger of an Icelandic default, that the financial system we have built up is strong; and so-forth. Then these thing will normalise by themself. There is no doubt in my mind that this is happening and will continue,” Sigfusson said.

Asked whether he is, in fact, painting an overly-bright picture of Iceland overseas, Sigfusson says no: “We are, of course, not telling people that all our problems have been solved”.