Norwegian wins biggest ever internet gaming jackpot from his bed

A 20-something Norwegian man from Hordaland yesterday won around NOK 92 million (EUR 11.7 million) on the gaming website Betsson. reports that the man’s return on capital invested was extremely good — because he did not spent a single krona on the game.

The man had been watching a film and when he decided to go to bed, he took his laptop computer with him. He saw that he had been given ten free tries at the gambling game Mega Fortune. He was immediately lucky, scoring a few small wins in his first attempts. By the time he had finished nine of his ten free goes he had NOK 69 (EUR 8.80) in the bank. But a few seconds later when he had taken his last go, it dawned on him that he appeared to now be a millionaire.

“Even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined winning the jackpot. But it happened and I am on cloud nine,” the man told reporters.

He has already sought financial advice on what do do with the money.

The Norwegian’s win is the biggest ever in the history of online gaming.

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