Iceland photography exhibition a hit in Tasmania

IceNews has been in regular contact with a skilled Australian photographer who recently showed his photographs from Iceland in his home state of Tasmania.

The photographer, Gerard Horsman, decided to highlight some of the similarities and differences between the islands of Iceland and Tasmania in his successful exhibition. He sold many of his pictures to customers all over Australia and is now looking for new venues to show his work — both at home and overseas.

A friend and spokesman of the photographer wrote the following for us:

“Iceland and Tasmania – two worlds apart but have been brought closer together by artist Gerard Horsman. Gerard sees the world through a camera lens. He has an ability to capture the essence of a place and brings its beauty to paper.

“Gerard is Tasmanian born and began his photography career in 2004, using his hometown of Devonport as a setting. Beginning in Europe, Gerard captured some amazing landscapes and architecture. He has spent most of the past decade venturing from one place on the globe to another. Gerard has also spent much of his spare time exploring and photographing his home state of Tasmania.

“Gerard visited Iceland in August 2010 where he travelled around the south coast of the island and inland to Landmannalaugar. He found Iceland’s landscape incredible and a real privilege to photograph. He spoke of the ever changing light and moods of the island which gave constant opportunities to photograph its unmistakable land forms.

“He recently held an exhibition ‘White on Black’ at the prestigious ‘Long Gallery’ in Salamanca, Hobart, Tasmania. This showcased thirty five photographic pieces of work including Iceland and Tasmania. This exhibition helped show both the similarities and contrast between the two islands.

“He chose Iceland for his exhibition because Iceland was ‘extraordinary in its own light’ and felt like Tasmania shared many similar attributes. This was evident with the response from the thousands of people who sighted the exhibition. People were astounded at the large scale of Iceland’s landscapes wit its thundering waterfalls, glaciers and also its quaint churches with red rooves.

“Gerard plans to fulfil many more photographic journeys as well as exhibiting new and existing works through galleries in the future.”

Gerard’s work can be found on his website:

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