Icelandic police pushing for better pay deal

Icelandic police officers are in fighting mood over pay and working conditions. They are legally prevented from going on strike; but they are still getting their point across.

Icelandic police have been without a new collective wage contract for a long time and their representatives have been in hard-fought negotiations with the state at the offices of the state negotiator, RUV reports.

The results of arbitration were presented to the police committee yesterday and will be presented to other police officers at an upcoming meeting. It is understood that the proposed solution to the police’s pay and conditions complaint has not been well received by those who have seen it so far.

During the boom years the Icelandic police lost an unsustainable number of officers to the private sector, where pay was higher. It was hoped that the recession would ease staffing pressures on the police force; but the lack of an acceptable pay contract has stalled the force’s recovery to strength.

Over a hundred policemen and women were outside the negotiator’s office yesterday when the arbitration results were presented; standing in support of their negotiators and trying to drum up public awareness and support for their claims.

The police force cannot go on strike.