Slovakian police capture Swedish sex trafficker

A man on the list of the most wanted fugitives in Sweden has been apprehended in Slovakia.

Miroslav Horvath, 40, escaped from prison in August last year where he was serving a sentence for aggravated theft, assault and human trafficking and has been fleeing from the authorities ever since.

According to the Slovak police, Horvath was tracked to a restaurant in Surany where he had decided to order lunch. The police raided the establishment and placed him in custody. Apparently he initially made an attempt to deny his identity, but later admitted who he was while being questioned at a police station in Nitra.

Slovak police said that a European arrest warrant had been issued for Horvath’s capture in May this year and that he was listed as being high priority. Horvath and two other men had been convicted for their involvement in sex trafficking. Their scheme included a 17 year-old girl from Slovakia being forced to sell herself for sex in southern Sweden.

According to the Expressen newspaper, the girl had also spent time in a German brothel and on the streets of Denmark before Horvath took her to Sweden. It was only after she explained her situation to a Slovak-speaking customer the she was able to escape. She told the man that she was being forced to sell her body before he decided to take her to the police.

Horvath featured on Sweden’s Ikaros list which contains the names of criminals considered to be the country’s most wanted.