Icelandic Coastguard ship rescues refugees

An Icelandic Coastguard vessel on international duty has rescued a group of refugees from a sinking boat.

Aegir, the Icelandic Coastguard patrol ship which is currently patrolling Europe’s southern borders as part of Iceland’s membership of the Schengen zone, yesterday saved 63 refugees from a small and overloaded boat which sank half way between Morocco and Spain. reports that children were among the rescued people. The Icelandic crew took all the refugees aboard, where they were warmed up before another coastguard ship rendezvoused with Aegir and took the 63 people ashore in Spain.

There is little doubt that the refugees would have died in the open water if a rescue boat had not been nearby — as thousands of refugees do at sea every year.

Aegir is working for the European borders agency, Frontex.