Checkout boy taking on the big boys (and girls)

A young Icelandic checkout assistant has reported 16 companies, including the one he works for, for breaching equality laws in the way they treat women.

20 year-old Hallur Reynisson is a student and also works at the Hagkaup supermarket branch in Akureyri and yesterday decided to report 16 businesses to the Icelandic equality complaints committee; including the head of the VR trade union, Stefan Einar Stefansson and his own boss, the Hagkaup CEO, Gunar Ingi Sigurdsson.

Reynisson made his complaint and then sent a note out to the media saying what he had done, and why. In it he says he is an egalitarian; which means he cannot sit by and do nothing while women get a ten percent discount when they shop in Hagkaup.

In justification for his stance, Reynisson says it is similarly absurd as it would be to give customer discounts based on skin colour, sexual orientation or religion. Hallur Reynisson sent his complaints in yesterday, reported.

Despite being hailed as one of the best countries for women, Icelandic females still earn on average ten percent less than their male colleagues and the VR trade union has long been at the head of the campaign to cut the gender pay gap. The ten percent women’s discount at Hagkaup and other companies is seen by many as a fun, helpful and temporary advertisement for women’s rights.

Opponents like the young checkout clerk disagree, saying that it is not a shop’s role to discriminate for or against its customers — even if it is for a noble cause.

Will he be fired for his stunt? Hallur Reynisson told DV he does not know, “But if I am, it will be for all the wrong reasons,” he said.