Police perks probed in Finland

An investigation into the secret perks of being a police officer has been launched in Finland.

The National Police Board is charged with finding out exactly what freebies and discounts officers receive while exercising their daily duties.

The probe comes after revelations that the police enjoy a whole range of benefits but that there are no common rules in place on the practice. Many of these arrangements, which are also said to be enjoyed by border security guards, are apparently unknown to station heads.

According to Tomi Vuori from the National Police Board, reduced-price or free passage on public transport has always been awarded to uniformed officers in exchange for maintaining order during their journey. But with it emerging that many restaurants are bars are also giving cops a free ride, he is concerned that businesses are trying to buy protection.

”Citizens shouldn’t feel as if someone is going to be looked after better for offering discounts,” said Vuori in a YLE report.

The results of the investigation are set to be released later this year.