Iceland tops Newsweek list of best countries for women

A new feature in the magazine Newsweek concludes that the best place in the world to be a woman is Iceland.

Of all the nations in the world, Iceland is the best one to be in as a woman — if the Newsweek appraisal is to be believed.

The latest edition of the magazine is dedicated to women and the global women’s rights struggle. Among the features are lists, including one where nations are ranked in order of how far they have reached in equality for women.

Iceland came out top of that list and was followed by Sweden and Canada in second and third. They are followed by Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and Norway. The USA is in eighth place on the list and Australia and the Netherlands round out the top ten.

The ranking takes a variety of factors into consideration; including the legal sphere, health care, education, workplace participation and women’s participation in politics. Iceland scored over 90 out of a maximum of 100 in all areas, reports.

Newsweek concluded that the worst places to be a woman at the moment are Chad, Afghanistan and Yemen.

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