Husband of new Danish PM is ‘not gay’

Neil Kinnock, once the leader of the UK’s Labour Party, is currently celebrating the success of his daughter-in-law, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, as she takes her place as Denmark’s first ever female Prime Minister. However, he is also upset over rumours being circulated that his son Stephen, who has been married to Schmidt since 1996, is gay.

Lord Kinnock described the attacks on his son’s sexuality in the press vicious and said it was unfair to try and destabilise Schmidt’s career in such a manner. He added that it was grotesque that Schmidt had been forced to stand up and denounce the rumours.

Talking to Wales on Sunday, Lord Kinnock said: “As it always has been with Helle and Steve, the family comes first and they have got two wonderful children. They are a tribute to their parents, they are terrific kids, and they will remain close even if Helle has additional responsibilities. It was a rumour – they will keep closer together. It has been how we have responded as a family and it is a good response.”

Stephen Kinnock currently spends much of his time in Switzerland because of his position as World Economic Forum director for Europe and Central Asia. Schmidt’s success at the polls on Thursday means that she will obviously be spending most of her time looking after a coalition government in Copenhagen.

In the run-up to the election, newspapers in both Sweden and the UK were quick to suggest that the couple did not spend a great deal of time together because of Mr Kinnock’s sexual preferences.

(Large main page photo: Mogens Engelund)