More travel for Icelanders this summer

Approximately 40 percent of Icelanders travelled overseas this summer — which is ten percent more than last year.

According to results from Gallup’s regular ‘pulse of the nation’ surveys, about 80 percent of Icelanders travelled within Iceland this summer as well.

The survey suggests that people living in the Reykjavik region were more likely to travel overseas than people living elsewhere in Iceland.Around half of capital region residents travelled overseas this summer, compared to just a quarter of people who live elsewhere.

It also emerged that university-educated people travelled more than people who had not studied at university, RUV reports.

People’s level of pay also, understandably, plays a role in deciding whether they travel overseas. People who earn more were more likely to go abroad this summer than low earners. Icelanders stayed an average of 14 nights away in their foreign travels this summer.

The proportion of Icelanders travelling domestically was largely unchanged from the previous summer, when around 80 percent of Icelanders travelled in their own country. According to the Gallup poll, place of residence, education and wages have less impact on whether people travel domestically than on whether they travel overseas.