Father arrested after baby girl’s death

A Swedish man with a history of criminality and mental illness has been remanded in custody after one of his two-month-old twin daughters was found dead.

Two weeks ago, an on-call doctor discovered the baby girl lifeless in her cot next to her sister, with both the young parents from Orebro claiming they found her that way.

The couple, who had been placed in supervised accommodation for the first few months of their parenthood due to the man’s unsavoury past, were both taken in for questioning by police. The mother was released without charge, but an autopsy has brought suspicion upon the father, especially since similar injuries have also been found on the surviving girl.

“The district court decided to remand him into custody for aggravated assault, but now the suspicions have been extended to involve the other girl as well,” deputy prosecutor Pia Asberg told local paper Nerikes Allehanda.

Speaking about the surviving girl, Asberg told Aftonbladet, “The child showed signs of serious, although not life-threatening, injuries, similar to those of the dead girl.”

The newspaper also reports that the mother published a telling status update on her Facebook page during the week: ”Was it not enough with one? Did you have to hurt them both?,” she apparently asked.

The father, who is in his twenties and could face manslaughter charges, denies all allegations.