Ben Stiller on visit to Iceland

The famous actor and screenplay writer Ben Stiller is in Iceland and enjoyed dinner last night at the Kolabrautin restaurant in Reykjavik’s new Harpa concert and conference centre.

He sent a picture of the inside of Harpa on his Twitter account and asked his fans if anybody knew where he was. He asked his fans to guess where he had taken the photo. According to DV it was an Icelandic Ben Stiller fan who correctly guessed that the picture had been taken in Harpa.

Stiller appears to be in Iceland on holiday, but questions are being asked about whether he is also in the country on business.

Where the star is staying is not public knowledge; but he was spotted yesterday in Reykjavik’s adjoining town of Seltjarnarnes. He also stopped in for coffee at the cosy central Reykjavik café, Babalu.

Following his escapades on Twitter, Ben Stiller has received a barrage of fans recommending things to see and do in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon seems to be top of the list.

(Small photo on this page: Twitter // Ben Stiller)

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