Majority of Icelanders want to see EU accession talks all the way through

A majority of people in Iceland want to complete negotiations on the country’s accession to the European Union and then vote on the final contract in a referendum.

The information comes from the results of a new opinion poll conducted for the Frettabladid newspaper. Opinion polls on the EU have produced varying results over the past two years, RUV reports.

The survey asked voters whether they wanted Iceland’s EU application to be withdrawn, or if they would prefer to see it through and then vote on the final contract. Nearly two thirds of respondents who took a stance (63.4 percent) said they want to continue with the negotiations. 37 percent said they wanted the negotiations to stop right away.

There seems to have been a small drop in support for concluding the negotiations since Frettabladid last asked the question in January. 65.4 percent of people supported the negotiations then.

The Independence Party and the Left Green Movement are both seen as fairly anti-EU parties; but 48.9 percent of Independence Party voters and 52.8 percent of Left Green voters polled said they want to complete the accession talks. Only 4.3 percent of Social Democrat voters want the talks to stop right away. 67.4 percent of Progressive Party voters want to stop the EU membership process.

Interestingly, 8.3 percent more men want Iceland to complete the negotiations than women (67.5 percent versus 59.2 percent). The EU also seems to be more popular in Reykjavik than in the countryside.

The survey was carried out by calling 800 people on the 8th September.

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