Justin Bieber causes mass hysteria in Iceland

A large group of children and teenagers gathered in central Reykjavik yesterday for a march. Were they calling for world peace? Cheaper textbooks? Or better treatment for farm animals? Not quite. They were calling on Justing Bieber to come to Iceland…

Five to six hundred young people met at the Hlemmur bus station and all of them had one thing on their mind: to grab some media attention, and hopefully by extension, the attention of one Justin Bieber — the biggest thing to come out of Canada since sliced maple syrup. IceNews is only too happy to help.

The ‘protesters” message was clear: come and visit Iceland please, Justin.

After meeting, the placard-bearing, chanting mob made their way from the bus station, down Laugavegur shopping street and onward to Laekjatorg square.

The rally was organised by a group of 13-15 year old girls; including Thora Silja Hallsdottir. Visir.is tried to interview her during the march, but the journalist had a hard time hearing her over the pandemonium all around.

“This is completely insane!” was the main point Hallsdottir was able to convey. She organised the Justin Bieber March with her friends, Lovisa Thora, Gudrun Brynja, Anita Ros Thorsteinsdottir and Audur Ivarsdottir.

The rally seems to have achieved its goal of proving to the pop god Bieber that there are plenty enough fans in Iceland to warrant a concert in the country — if some 600 people are willing to turn out and march for it, he should have no problem filling a concert hall.

Thora says that pictures and videos of the event will be sent to their hero’s Twitter and Facebook pages in the hope that he sees them personally and answers their call.

“We hope he comes!” Thora shouted to the interviewer during the walk, before carrying on chanting slogans such as “We want Bieber!”

(Photo: frim Visir.is)

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