North Iceland tourism officials support Chinese land purchase plan

The North Iceland tourism marketing office has weighed in to the debate about Chinese investor Huang Nubo’s controversial plans to buy a huge plot of land at Grimsstadir a Fjollum and build a luxury hotel, spa and golf resort.

The Chinese government has now stated in may recommend Nubo drop his idea if the storm of controversy surrounding it does not die down soon. Chino-Icelandic relations could potentially become strained amid claims the deal could mask a more sinister intent to increase Chinese influence on the North Atlantic and potential Arctic shipping lanes.

Some in Icelandic politics are wary of selling such a large plot of land to foreign interests; but others say the country’s regulatory framework is strong enough for such a deal to go ahead without risk.

The North Iceland tourism marketing office has fallen in with the pro-side; saying it welcomes investment in North Iceland tourism.

A statement from the tourism board states that all new investment in the region’s tourism is welcome; as long as it is in accordance with laws and regulations and adheres to the goal of sustainable and environmentally-aware tourist services; which is a nationwide aim for the tourism industry.

Nubo says his resort would draw on eco-tourism principles and take environmental protection extremely seriously.

If his plans are allowed to go ahead, Nubo’s project at Grimsstadir a Fjollum would create a raft of new opportunities, boost the North Iceland travel industry and create better living conditions for locals in the area, the statement says.

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