More Chinese interest in Iceland

Chinese scientists want to set up a northern lights research station in Iceland.

The project would be funded by the Chinese, but carried out in partnership with the University of Iceland natural sciences department and the Icelandic Met Office.

A group of Chinese scientists visited Iceland last week to assess the viability of establishing an aurora Borealis research station in the country. They apparently hope the station would be located in north-east Iceland, as far away from human light pollution as possible; but also in a place accessible by road all year round.

Information compiled by the station would be used in climate change research. The Chinese have been carrying out extensive research on the northern lights in recent years, RUV reports.

During their visit the Chinese scientists visited existing Icelandic research facilities in the field, with a view to increased co-operation, and visited institutions including the University of Akureyri.

Other Chinese pioneers are planning a trip next summer in an ice breaking ship through the North East Passage from China to Iceland. Icelandic scientists will likely be invited to join the expedition, which will also conduct research on sea ice, climate and more along the way.

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