Tough day for planes over Iceland

There were three aviation incidents in Iceland yesterday which kept emergency co-ordinators busy. Luckily nobody was hurt.

A Delta Airlines passenger jet made an emergency landing just before midday on Sunday due to a minor malfunction. According to Icelandic airports operator Isavia, no emergency crews were put on standby for the Delta plane.

The plane was on its way from New York’s JFK airport to Copenhagen when the malfunction occurred.

The Delta plane was the second emergency landing at Keflavik yesterday; as earlier in the day another passenger jet with over a hundred people on board diverted to the airport after smoke started entering the cabin.

The emergency co-ordination centre in Reykjavik was opened and fire and ambulance crews were put on alert. The plane landed without incident at 05.20 and the emergency crews were quickly stood down.

A third similar incident happened over Eyjafjordur in northern Iceland when a small aircraft made an emergency landing at Melgerdismelar airfield. Emergency services in Akureyri were put on high alert when the pilots notified flight control that their cabin was filling up with smoke. Once again, however, nobody was hurt.

Isavia’s Hjordis Gudmundsdottir told that there had been an awful lot to do yesterday, but that the incident-filled day was nothing more than an unusual coincidence.