Iceland Post’s hardest week of the year

The Icelandic postal service is currently enduring its hardest week of the year and it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas…

Icelandic postmen and women are this week burdened with bags which are twice as heavy even than in Christmas week. Pressure on Iceland Post’s telephone switchboards is also higher than usual this week and early next week.

The reason for all the fuss? The new IKEA catalogue is being delivered to every home in the country.

The comprehensive (and chunky) IKEA catalogue is sent to every house in Iceland once a year and the postal service is never busier than this week. 118,000 homes in total.

The average weight of a postman/woman’s bags is 20 kilogrammes. It goes up to 40 around Christmas. But this week, thanks to the Swedish household retail giant, that figure jumps to 103 kilogrammes, average.

Unlike most unsolicited mail, the IKEA catalogue is generally well-received by householders; many of whom impatiently call Iceland Post to ask where their copy is — especially at the beginning of next week if they are not all sent out by Friday, RUV reports.

Postal workers are already looking forward to a quiet week next week.

(Photo: Alëx Elliott // IceNews)