Icelandic printing company gains notoriety for fast services

Oddi Printing, Iceland’s biggest printing company, is gaining notoriety in the U.S. for its fast and highly flexible printing services. The company has received numerous requests from publishers, asking that their publications be printed and bound in Oddi’s printing plant in Reykjavik.

Oddi boasts highly efficient door-to-door shipping in the U.S. with delivery times of only one week. Once the shipment has arrived in New York, each shipment is then split up to different forwarding locations within the U.S.. Also, to save costs at Customs, Oddi combines shipment costs for various clients, reducing total shipping costs.

Furthermore, shipping time to mainland Europe is roughly three weeks; and shipping time to Asia is an estimated four weeks.

Being a large printing company in a small Icelandic market has made Oddi’s production services very flexible and reliable. In recent years, this has become much more of an advantage with the demand for shorter production lead-time increasing.

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