Le Boreal cruise ship stops at Iceland’s Port of Hafnarfjordur

The Port of Hafnarfjordur saw the arrival of the luxurious Le Boreal cruise ship this summer, docking four times throughout July. On its route to Hafnarfjordur, located in southwest Iceland, the ship also stopped at other towns in Iceland including Akureyri, Grimsey, Isafjordur, Vestmannaeyjar and Grundarfjordur.

During its first three visits to the Port of Hafnarfjordur, the cruise ship stopped for two days and for three days on its final visit, providing disembarking guests with ample exploration time in the quaint town of Hafnarfjordur before flying back home from Keflavik, as well as those boarding for the onward journey to Greenland.

Hafnarfjordur is an ideal town to visit as it offers a wide selection of fun activities, such as swimming pools, local galleries, museums, a golf course, and horseback riding.

Also, in June, Hafnarfjordur hosts the annual Viking Festival where crowds of Norsemen from around the world take part in the celebrations. The annual ‘Bjartir Dagar’ festivities also take place between the 2nd and 6th June with numerous concerts and events taking place in downtown Hafnarfjordur.

In addition, there are various renowned tours within a short distance of Hafnarfjordur, for example the Golden Circle, which includes a trip to the site of Iceland’s first parliament, Thingvellir, the breathtaking waterfall of Gullfoss, otherwise known as the Golden Falls, and the gushing fountains of Geysir.

To find out more about the Port of Hafnarfjordur and local activities and events, visit www.portofhafnarfjordur.is.