Jackass dude booked to be funny in Iceland

The internationally renowned prankster Steve-O — from the Jackass TV programmes and films — will perform his stand up show in Iceland this autumn.

The show’s Icelandic promoter says it is more than likely the performance will be for over-16s only.

Most people would not even consider doing the sort of things Steve-O has regularly put himself through in the course of his career, Visir.is reported. He makes his living acting the fool and being tortured in various ways and does not flinch at being punched, shot or shocked in order to entertain his public.

“He really was, and is, wild. He used to drink a hell of a lot and it was not unusual for him to throw himself off the stage to go and hit hecklers,” says show organiser Gudbjartur Finnbjornsson — adding that he has now been sober for three years and has calmed down somewhat.

Steve-O has requested several stage props for his Icelandic show at the Haskolabio cinema complex; including lemons, something to set fire to, and a knife. The prankster has also reiterated his wish that there be no alcohol in his hotel room.

Asked whether he needs to buy any special extra ‘Steve-O insurance’ for the show, Finnbjornsson said: “I will need to check that out, but no, probably not!”

(Photo: Steveo.com)