Baby found all alone on Icelandic street

A taxi driver was this morning surprised to find that a baby’s car seat left out on the pavement near his home actually contained its owner.

The taxi driver was cleaning his car on his street in Seltjarnarnes (a small municipality which directly adjoins Reykjavik) this morning when he saw the baby seat and the forgotten baby within.

The parents apparently forgot their baby out on the pavement when they were carrying papers outside at around 06.00. The taxi driver called the police who investigated the case until the parents came forward.

The police in Reykjavik took the case of the lonesome baby girl very seriously, bringing forensics experts and child protection agents with them to the scene — but shortly after 07.00 the investigation took a new turn when the parents called the police saying they had lost their baby.

The police officer interviewed said that the issue is no longer in police hands. The baby was returned to her parents — but it is now up to social services and the child protection bureau to decide what the next step should be. First-time forgetfulness will probably not be looked upon as any major cause for concern on this occasion.

The child was apparently well-clothed and had a milk bottle with her; although she was slightly cold by the time police got to her.