Icelandic pre-school teachers may have to work hard for strike success

It was reported yesterday that the Association of Icelandic Municipalities believes local governments can keep their pre-schools open as usual despite the pre-school teachers’ strike scheduled to begin on Monday. Now the teachers may resort to physically blocking doorways.

The municipalities’ association points to the fact that teaching assistants outnumber teachers and that they are regularly in charge of children without the supervision of class heads (who are usually trained pre-school teachers, while their assistants usually are not). Pre-school assistants are not in the same union as pre-school teachers and will, therefore, not be on strike.

The Icelandic Teachers’ Association lawyer disagrees, claiming that pre-school classes are not allowed to operate without their class leaders. The Association of Pre-school Teachers is closely linked to the teachers’ association and its head agrees with the lawyer.

As a result, Haraldur F. Gislason told RUV that come Monday, if the strike is still scheduled, pre-school teachers may need to resort to personally turning children and parents away from pre-schools which attempt to ignore the strike.

Read more about the proposed strike and the pre-school teachers’ demands here (30th June) and here (15th August).

(Photo: Alëx Elliott // IceNews)

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