Breivik returned to Utoya for reconstruction

Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik has returned to Utoya island, where he killed 69 people, to help police reconstruct the horrific 22 July events.

International media carried long-lens photographs of the confessed mass murderer, who was tethered to a rope and wearing a bulletproof vest, pointing to where he had gunned down his victims.

The 32 year-old right-wing extremist has admitted setting a bomb, which killed eight people, in the government district of Oslo, before travelling to the island youth camp for the ruling Labour Party. He has, however, denied any criminal guilt and shown no remorse, claiming his actions were necessary to save Europe from Muslim rule.

Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby, the Norwegian prosecutor, described the exercise:”Regarding the suspect’s explanations, he has been interrogated for almost 50 hours prior to this and he has remained calm, detailed and co-operative, which he also was at Utoya,” he said. “Our assumptions, that his presence at Utoya would jog his memory, were correct. Many new details emerged from his explanations.”

Hjort Kraby added that some of the victims are believed to have drowned while trying to swim away from the shower of bullets. “We feel we have a fairly good overview of how everyone died or was shot now, even though there are still details to fill in,” he said in a BBC report. “The suspect showed he wasn’t emotionally unaffected by being back at Utoya… but didn’t show any remorse.”

The reconstruction was filmed by police, and photographs, some of which showed Breivik in a shooting position, were printed by Norwegian newspaper VG. The move by the paper has sparked outrage by some survivors and the families of the victims who believe the extremist is being allowed to fulfil his dream of notoriety.

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