Icelandic pre-school teachers look set to go on strike

The long-threatened Icelandic pre-school teachers’ strike is still set to begin next week — affecting thousands of families.

One more in the long line of negotiations between the teachers and the association of local authorities ended this morning without agreement and no further meeting has been scheduled.

The chairman of the pre-school teachers’ association, Haraldur F. Gislason, told RUV that the situation remains unchanged.

“We are sticking to our reasonable request for an 11 percent correction to pre-school teachers’ wages. To put that into real figures, it is around ISK 15,000 (EUR 91.24) [per month extra] in each teacher’s pocket, after tax and wage-connected charges. Our co-negotiators have offered no solutions to our request, so that the state negotiator did not see any reason to schedule another meeting at this time. He said to us, however, that he is ready and waiting to meet again with short notice,” Gislason says.

At this time, the threatened pre-school teachers’ strike looks set to begin on 22nd August. Nearly every 2-6 year-old in Iceland goes to pre-school — and most of them on a full-time basis while their parents go to work. Pre-school teachers have been without a valid wage contract for several years. Read more here.

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