Rare falcon chick found in Iceland, survival unsure

An unusual prisoner spent the night in Akureyri police station’s cells last night: a falcon chick which was found alone near to the north-Icelandic town yesterday evening.

According to RUV, a man on a pleasant evening walk happened upon the rare baby bird; which is also Iceland’s national bird. He took the chick to the local police station.

The ‘prisoner’ bird did not avail itself of the usual police facilities; as it refused both food and water and appears somewhat lethargic, according to the police.

It was decided to send the chick to Reykjavik this morning with the first flight, where it is now being taken care of by professionals at the Reykjavik Family Zoo.

The chick remains very quiet and uninterested; but its hosts are hoping to tempt it with delicious snacks and monitor its condition closely.

The rare bird’s death would be a sizeable blow to all involved; but its fate hangs in the balance.

More on this story later on IceNews, whichever way it goes.