Icelanders not avoiding London because of riots

Iceland, like many other countries, is watching the rioting in London and elsewhere in England closely; with the same sort of  incredulity as most British people are. So far, however, the situation has not stopped Icelanders travelling to the UK.

Gudjon Arngrimsson, the information officer for Icelandair, told that the airline has not taken note of any unusual cancellations among its passengers booked to travel to London.

London is a huge city and most parts of it are functioning as normal. But the city now faces its fourth day of rioting, looting, arson and violence against people. Prime Minister David Cameron has returned early from his holiday and has given police emergency powers to use water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets if necessary.

Icelandair sends two planes to London every day and the city is one of the airline’s most popular destinations. So far the news coming out of Britain has had no impact upon this fact.

Iceland Express representatives were unavailable to comment; but it is assumed the situation is also similar at that airline.

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