Icelandic bank says not responsible for troubles of struggling town

Landsbanki bank has denied causing an emergency situation in the tiny Westfjords town of Flateyri due to its inaction.

The bank stands accused of causing a state of economic emergency in Flateyri because it, and other stakeholders, have been dragging their feet regarding the sale of Eyraroddi — the fishing company seen as vital to the town’s survival.

The accusations against the bank regarding the state of affairs in Flateyri have come from several quarters, including most recently from the board of the Westfjords Labour Union.

The union has stated that Flateyri is in a state of emergency, while Landsbanki, the Institute of Regional Development and the administrators of Eyraroddi’s estate drag their feet and clumsily fall over each other.

The town has been without a major employer for months now, as can be seen in this 1st March story here on IceNews.

A press release from Landsbanki, on the other hand, refuted the union’s accusations. The bank claims to be doing all it possibly can to get fishing and fish processing going again in Flateyri — and that it has done so all along. Landsbanki chooses to do more than the bare minimum to help, the statement says.

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