Icelandic coastguard rescues group of refugees

The Icelandic coastguard patrol ship Aegir rescued 58 refugees on Saturday.

The refugees had been left to fend for themselves in a dangerous gully on the Radopos peninsula on the Greek island of Crete.

The group was made up of 30 men, 16 women (including two pregnant women) and 12 children — the youngest of whom are just a year old. The refugees come from Syria and Afghanistan.

A statement from the Icelandic coastguard says that the people are in good health, given their situation.

The location made the rescue operation extremely difficult and worsening sea conditions made the last stage particularly dangerous. Despite the conditions, the rescue operation went well and the people were moved to the town of Souda.

Aegir is currently patrolling European frontiers as part of Iceland’s obligation to the Schengen Zone. The ship will continue its European role until the end of October.