Container ship crew member sentenced for drug smuggling

A man in his 30s has been sentenced to three years in prison for smuggling around four kilogrammes of amphetamines to Iceland. He is charged with having smuggled the drugs to the country with intent to sell and distribute them.

Benedikt Palmason took possession of the amphetamines from an unknown person in Rotterdam, Netherlands on the 6th June and took them to Iceland aboard the Eimskip container ship, Godafoss. The charged man was a crew member on board the ship, DV reported.

He hid the drugs in front of the back seat of a car which was being transported; but the police found them in a search.

The man’s three year gaol sentence is considered light, due to the fact that he has never been prosecuted for similar crimes before, and that he was not proven to be anything more than a drugs mule. He confessed without reservation to the court.

The drugs in question are considered very dangerous and the mix was very strong.

Palmason was sentenced to three years in prison and will have to pay ISK 651,375 (EUR 3,930) in legal costs — including ISK 445,000 to his defence lawyer. He has been in custody awaiting trial since the 14th June.