Canadian photographers praise Iceland as wedding destination

Two Canada-based wedding photographers recently visited Iceland to photograph the wedding of an American couple at one of the country’s best-known country hotels. The photographers enjoyed their trip so much that they wanted to share their experience with IceNews readers.

Their email message was as follows:

Dear IceNews,

We are two guys who photograph weddings and live in Vancouver, Canada. Our names are Cole and Jakob, our business is called Nordica Photography, and we photographed the wedding of an American couple recently at Hotel Budir.

We think that the results are quite nice, and we just wanted to thank you (as in Iceland) for being so rad and offering such a fantastic scenery for their wedding!

But more importantly, and perhaps the main reason we’re contacting you, is to gush over our experience at Hotel Budir. The staff were absolutely incredible and as a venue for a destination wedding, more people in the world should know about how awesome that place is.

We’re not sure if this is news-worthy for you or your viewing audience, but we felt like sharing this with you anyways because we left with such an incredibly positive impression. Perhaps readers of IceNews would be interested in this, and more importantly, visit it.

So, here is the wedding:

We just wanted to share it with you and once again extend a massive virtual high-five Iceland’s way for being an absolutely wicked country!

(Please note: the above is a genuine readers’ letter and not a paid advertisement. Thanks to Cole and Jakob for the photos!)

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